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About Us


At Medipop, we understand that wearing a mask can be uncomfortable, so we want to offer you a way to have fun with masks!

Medipop masks are made of soft triple layered fabric in 7 vivid solid colors and 3 lively patterns in both adult and kids sizes - because yes, it's important for kids to wear masks, too! 

Even though people can’t see you smile, we believe a pop of pink or a yellow leopard mask can help express your sunny disposition.

Quick pause to note: These masks are not replacements for medical grade PPE, even though they are made from the exact same material. (If you are an essential worker, we do appreciate you stopping by the website, but these masks are not for you. )

Our disposable masks come in convenient resealable pouches with 5 masks per pouch. Keep a pouch in your car, at your desk, in your backpack, on your nightstand, and wherever you see fit because you never know when you’ll need one!