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What are your disposable masks made out of?

Medipop disposable masks are made from 3 layers of non-woven fabric fused together. The exterior layer filters larger particles such as dust and droplets. Then the center layer is fused to the front layer and it filters fine particles (the smaller stuff). And lastly the internal layer is a soft material that is comfortable against your face as well as moisture proof & breathable.


Are your disposable masks comfortable?

We specifically designed these masks with small, but significant, differences from the standard disposable medical masks that are common on the market. We went with a slightly looser and softer elastic that would be more comfortable for all day wear around your ear. No more tugging! Additionally, our fabric is less rigid and softer (almost cotton-like!) so the mask doesn’t feel as stifling. The integrated metal nose piece allows you to form the mask to your face for even more comfort.


Your masks are labeled as “non medical”; are they going to protect me?

Medipop masks are non-medical. Because we chose to focus on a more comfortable design and fashionable colors, we chose not to seek medical/FDA approval. Our hope in doing this was to make it more fun for the general public!



Why are your masks so expensive?

We understand that some people may think so, but unfortunately we cannot satisfy everyone. We find our pricing to be comparable to what is on the market, from Amazon to Etsy to street vendors. A good explanation of our pricing would be that we are not mass producing billions of these at a time. In an attempt to bring something a little different to market, we are focusing on producing quality masks in fun colors and prints. This costs a little more than your run-of-the-mill masks. The resealable packaging is also an added touch that may cost a little more, but is ultimately for your convenience so you can take a pack with you in the car, at your desk, or wherever you may need a pack!


How long to ship?

Orders can take up to 3 business days to ship to allow our warehouse to take proper safety precautions, like frequent sanitization and social distancing measures. Typically our warehouse can ship orders within 1 business day, but we are not in typical times!


Do the disposable masks need to be disposed after each use?

This is a very personal question and depends on what you, as an individual, are most comfortable with. We do not think a mask needs to be disposed of after each single use, especially if you are only using it for a short while!  Maybe after a full day of wear, it would make sense to replace it. But again, that’s a personal choice! If you find yourself in a busy place filled with lots of people for an extended period of time, the mask is going to be more contaminated than if you were running an errand and only used the mask for an hour or so. The whole point here is to feel comfortable and make others comfortable; so just do you!


How BIG are your masks?

ADULT: Our adult masks measure 7 inches across and 3.75 inches in height. From there you open it up as much as required to cover your nose and down over your chin.

KIDS: Ours kids masks measure 5.5 inches across and 3.5 inches in height. From there you open it up as much  as required to cover nose and down over the chin.

There is no mathematical equation here but we would suggest ADULT sizing for anyone over 100lbs. Obviously head size and shape plays a significant factor here. We would suggest KIDS sizing be worn by anyone between 25-100lbs … Again take in consideration head shape and size.

We do not suggest facial coverings for children 2 year of age or younger.


Do you guys accept returns?

Due to the nature of the product, we do not accept returns. All sales are final, so please be sure you are buying only what you need. As you shop, we encourage you to thoroughly browse our selection of colors and sizes to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase! All images of the masks on models are photographed to provide the best representation of the finished product.

If you receive any damaged items or experience any technical issues with the accessories, we are here to help in these cases of potential returns. Please reach out to with a description of the issue and your order number.


Where are the masks made?

The masks are made in China before being imported to Los Angeles, CA. We understand this may not be your favorite answer, but we sought out a reliable, safe, and clean manufacturer because we take the production of these masks very seriously. It should be noted that exporting masks out of China right now is VERY difficult and required some serious certification as a factory. The factories we are using are very reputable and have been producing PPE for years.